the absolute thicccest guy in high school and a complete bum at fortnite.
be careful, xd destroyer02 will eat your ass
by nigger48218 March 3, 2019
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gay little fortnut player who loves jack and is gay in everyway possible nobody likes him and he is extremely stupidly retarded and needs glasses (4 eyes mofucka(
the xd FaZe Dannyboy is so gay
by By SharkmanYT March 7, 2019
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Careers is one of the best non hacking but hacking phone player to exist in the game called Critical Operations. xd lawl ur so free
random xd lawl ur so free
by Fortnitegod18237 June 7, 2021
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xDs is an extended version of xD. The meme behind this, is to put a "s" behind those "expressions". (lols, kappas or xDs)
xDs was invented by one of the greatest memers and editors alive. He is also known for beeing the third best souper on the Planet. The inventor goes by the name "vadlon" on youtube, where he posts edits and other videos.
Ghoul420 is the best editor xDs
by ghoul420 February 16, 2017
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User name used by a gamer.

Copyright owner is the guy currently with the name in fortnite.
xd-Sunshine is a semi-good fortnite player
by xd-Sunshine August 29, 2018
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if you say ya mam gay xd after killing someone on fortnite automatic nuke on the person you game ended xdddddddddd
by kid fortnite xd November 23, 2018
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