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Similar to Myspace whore, Xbox Live whores will attempt to gain attention by whoring on everyone they have played. Unfortunately, this is usually eight year old boys with high-pitched voices and an attitude to insist they will own you one v one.
player: "Hey check it out I got a friend request from gaybird1212."
smart friend: "Don't do it dude, that's a nub xbox live whore."
by fritzzzle December 22, 2008
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A girl who regularly goes on Xbox Live to get guys, or rather their attention. This said girl is usually too pathetic and unattractive in real life to get attention from males, so they go on Xbox Live where their sheer voice alone would attract dozens of followers. Xbox Live Whores like to stay in parties or "clans" where there are no other females, allowing her to control and manipulate the males in the group in order to get the attention she craves. Xbox Live Whores like to also go into private chats with one or two members of the group, allowing her to divide the once peaceful brotherhood and force the males in the group to compete over her affection. These girls are usually darker haired or emo, and slightly overweight. Their natural habitat was strictly Halo 3 custom games, but massive communities of Xbox Live Whores have migrated to Call of Duty 4 and Left 4 Dead.
Cupcake Pandemic: Hey J4MINTHESYST3M my bestest friend!

J4MINTHESYST3M: Hey babe whats up?

Combine902: What I thought I was your best friend.

Cupcake Pandemic: I don't know J4MINTHESYST3M has been really nice to me in the past few days so he's my new bff.

Cel3stial: Guys don't fall for her trickery. She's simply an Xbox Live Whore...

J4MINTHESYST3M: Well Combine looks like we're gonna have to fight it out then bitch.

Combine902: Bring it nigga.

Edg3d Sph3re: Dick!
by Cold Nigga July 22, 2009
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A girl/woman who gets on Xbox Live because she is too ugly to pick up guys in REAL LIFE. She is so fucking pathetic she always is in "groups" or "clans" with all males to get fake attention. Usually, she finds a few she likes the most and harrasses the shit out of them. She is usually a dark haired person never could be a blonde. Blondes have more class than to be on Xbox Live. It is for LOSERS. Any female that is on it is even more a piece of shit loser than a male. Gross. These people need real lives. Pathetic losers! Get a job or maybe a life!
Xbox LIVE WHORE: O-M-G! I am so fat. I ate a piece of lettuce today. I think I overate!

Xbox Live MALE LOSER: Aw, babygirl. You are not fat! You are the hottest chick on the planet!

Xbox LIVE WHORE: ~(Thinks to self-He is feeding in the palm of my hand)
by A real woman! July 14, 2009
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