he is a multi celled organism who gets bullied by 3 year olds on xbox
by yer mom is gayer than gay April 16, 2019
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He will be a big bullie and once you think he's changed he will be so rude to you and say it's your folt
That guys a big jerk such a wyatt
by EVie908 May 27, 2021
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Twatt (Two t's signify that his name is Wyatt)
That Wyatt is always such a Twatt

I know, it's because he is named Wyatt
by lghtngcchoo December 01, 2018
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A very cute and very cool guy. He knows how to make anybody laugh just by looking at them. He is broad shoulders with a big chest and is between 5 5 and 6 foot. He like the fast road and doesn’t put up with bulls*** If you have a wyatt don’t lie to him or treat him bad because you will regret it. He treats people with respect if they show the same.
Wyatt’s funny asf

Wyatt’s so sexy
by Gangdude October 13, 2018
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The definition of Wyatt is.. VALID! People who under estimate him or doubt him are missing out on a lot and their also just a straight up dumbass - ❤️Riah
-me: “Hello
-friend: “Hi”

-me: “Wyatt is so cool
-friend: “Your so right”
by Riah Dali Martinez June 16, 2020
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