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Lets say you and your Boyfriend/Husband are very happy and very much in love, however you go to a party one night and you stumble across his 'ex.

And they start talking..
Your thinking 'What the!' Its beacause..

He wants to be wanted. He isnt intrested in her one bit (hense the lable 'ex' )he just wants her to want him still. We could call this a male ego-
Now dont be put of, he loves you. Probaly even more than he did with his 'ex but still wants to have something over HER.
Becky: Why you so sad tasha?
Tasha: Mark was flirting with his ex' last night, and he seemed real intrested in her, whats up with THAT?!'
Becky: Dont waste your time on that, he loves you he just wtbw!
Tasha: what does that mean?

Becky: he 'wants to be wanted!'
Tasha: I guess. (:
by Peachy Brown May 19, 2010
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