When someone is whining and you are tired of hearing it, you can play the world's smallest violin to provide musical ambiance to dramatize their annoying whine. This is accomplished by rubbing your index finger and thumb together and saying, "This is the world's smallest violin, and it's playing just for you."
Joshua: "America would be so much better if we were a communist country. Everyone deserves to have equal wages, we are all people and that is true equality."

Jeffrey (rubbing fingers together): "Do you hear that Joshua? I got the world's smallest violin, and I'm playing it just for you."
by AllBastard December 18, 2011
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when you have no sympathy for a douchebag for a friend who insults you and them the next day his girlfriend tells them it's over and expects sympathy from you
Boy 1 "my girlfriend just dumped me "
Boy 2 you see this it's the world's smallest violin playing just for you"
by big ginger 88 November 20, 2016
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What you play for literally anyone who gets the golden buzzer on Americas got talent
AGT Contestant : "I went blind when I was 4 yrs old..."
Me: oh boo hoo, I'll play you a song on the worlds smallest violin

Judge *gives contestant the golden buzzer*
by AR12RR88GB May 26, 2020
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Worlds smallest Violin is a overrated funny bad song. Funny in this case being so bad its funny
This song is on every bad Gemontry Dash Tic Toc

My theory is that the song is about the tragic events of 2001 In America,
the song is from the perspective of the hijackers.
"I blow up into Smithereens, all up an down the city street"
"While trying to put my my mind to ease" ( ease meaning dying)
"Finishing this melody feels like a necessity"( melody in this case meaning mission)(necessity meaning the pressure from his fellow hijacker and "members")
"somewhere in the universe some has it worse"(trying to tell himself that people have done and been involved in worse as well at battling with the fact that..."this could be the end of me or could just to better me" (talking about how he could go to his religions haven or not deepening on this action)

That is my mad theory
feel free to dislike, i understand that this is not a funny topic especially to those who lost.
but that is also a pretty good theory.
"somewhere in the universe some ones got it worse"
Rember that this song either way is still overated and genrelt bad.
Also if your reading this then that is really a theory in itself.
Guy: Whats that terrible sound?
Other Guy: "i blow up into sm-
Guy: Not that song timmy have you been on you tube shorts?
Other guy: Worlds Smallest violin is a good song
Guy: No its not. Worlds smallest violin is an overrated and very loud song.
by BozoWithWifi881 October 13, 2022
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A sarcastic saying used when a person tells another person of something mildly unfortunate that has happened to them, sometimes exaggerated in order to gain sympathy. It implies that the person speaking of their misfortune expects someone to come in playing the saddest song in the world on the worlds smallest violin to correspond with the apparent tradgedy of the situation. Sometimes the person saying this will mime playing a small violin, or try and imitate the sound of a violin.
Jade: Hello, how are you?
Laurel: I just stepped in dog poop and my new shoes got ruined and my feet smell like dog poop, and-
Jade: -Shh... hear that? i'm playing the world's saddest song on the world's smallest violin (mimes playing small violin)
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