A future war in which several major nation of our planet will be involved in. One possibility is a war between China and U.S. The war could be started with a N. Korea invasion of S. Korea. In which most likely N. Korea is turned back by the U.S. and S. Korea. At this point China comes in to save N. Korea and a World War breaks out. The war would take place in Korea and both navies fighting each other in the Pacific Ocean. Conflicts would also be stired up in the middle east in where both countries try to secure oil reserves for fighting the war. The war would most likely end with a cease fire after thousands die and both economies are devastated by not having the trade between the two nations. If over 20 nukes are set off enough dust would be stired up into the sky to block out the sun causing a nuclear winter (nice way to cancle out global warming). The world would be in an ice age only worsening the situation for both countries. America might win but only if China breaks out in a civil war.

Another possible war could be between the western world and the middle east. Though unlikely because the Quran accepts Christianty as the same god and the west accepts all religions or no religion whatever. It could happen if the west keeps screwing over the middle east like it has been for the past well... I guess since the west was. Like I said its unlikely because your average arab and American have no interest in killing each other and those are the people that will fight each other. If it does happen it would likely spark by an invasion of Iran. Iran will be devastated and suicide bombings will be going off in elementary schools across America and sick stuff like that. Causing American soldiers to be brutal to Iranians which then get the whole middle east against America and the western world.
I truly don't know what could happen with a culture clash like this and I hope it doesn't happen.

Both possibilities should be avoided and can be. By not trying to start any more wars, recognizing China as a major power and allowing Iran to have nuclear energy as long as they let the U.N. observe them, war can be avoided. China has no interest in going to war with America because they would lose their economy and likely never regain it. The middle east won't go to war with the west. And if Iran tries to start something and the U.S. responds they will likely take the U.S.'s side, unless Bush invades Iran then it will get bad.
Peace be with you my brothers and sisters.
"America will either start World War III or end it, but not both." - A qoute from an urbandictionary definer.
by Rusty Shakelfurd September 10, 2006
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A war in which over 56 million lives were snubbed out and people like to debate about who made the biggest contribution in winning against the axis powers.
1939 - 1945 NOT 1937.

Country Men in war Battle deaths Wounded
Australia 1,000,000 26,976 180,864
Austria 800,000 280,000 350,117
Belgium 625,000 8,460 55,5131
Brazil2 40,334 943 4,222
Bulgaria 339,760 6,671 21,878
Canada 1,086,3437 42,0427 53,145
China3 17,250,521 1,324,516 1,762,006
Czechoslovakia — 6,6834 8,017
Denmark — 4,339 —
Finland 500,000 79,047 50,000
France — 201,568 400,000
Germany 20,000,000 3,250,0004 7,250,000
Greece — 17,024 47,290
Hungary — 147,435 89,313
India 2,393,891 32,121 64,354
Italy 3,100,000 149,4964 66,716
Japan 9,700,000 1,270,000 140,000
Netherlands 280,000 6,500 2,860
New Zealand 194,000 11,6254 17,000
Norway 75,000 2,000 —
Poland — 664,000 530,000
Romania 650,0005 350,0006 —
South Africa 410,056 2,473
U.S.S.R. — 6,115,0004 14,012,000
United Kingdom 5,896,000 357,1164 369,267
United States 16,112,566 291,557 670,846
Yugoslavia 3,741,000 305,000 425,000

All of the above except for the axis powers contributed to the end of the war and none should have there bravery taken away by overpatriotic fools.
To all our glorious dead. Lest we forget
World war ii was won by all contributing nations.
by krilled April 24, 2006
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When all the nation on Earth nuked the shit out of eachother. Afterwards what few survivors there were lived in caves in Montana and spent their lives chugging whiskey until Zefram Cochran built a space ship out of a missile and brought back really smart friendly aliens who fixed everything
by poopsmith October 25, 2004
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A point in time when everything is fucked.
*As someone watches the nukes hit* Oh shit! It's WW3!! This would be so cool if we werent all fucked in the ass right now!
by mud May 13, 2004
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Although unknown to the general population, there actually was a "World War 3." The fact that it only lasted 4 and a half seconds is why it's so unheard of. It happened about 2 years ago on October 2nd at 4:13am but ended shortly after when the United States sent Chuck Norris behind enemy lines in Mexico, France, and Iraq. The only reason it took him 4 and half seconds to drop 3 countries is the fact that he stopped for lunch in the middle of it.
(Son) "Dad, do you think World War 3 will happen in my lifetime?"
(Dad) "It already has son, it already has..."
by Jason "Minty Fresh" Bodi October 23, 2006
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1. Unless the human race fundamentally changes, the upcoming war that destroys the planet(and consequently, the human race).

2. Metaphorical description of a highly chaotic situation.
1. If everyone gets nuclear arms, World War 3 is inevitable.
2. My workplace is turning into World War 3!
by TomServo1 January 07, 2008
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world war I was sparked by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914. The Austria-Hungarian goverment accused Serbia of having something to do with the assassination. An ultimatum was presented by the Austrian government to Belgrade on Thursday 23 July 1914 at 6 p.m. A response was demanded within two days, by Saturday 25 July at 6 p.m. Austria-Hungary's expectation was that Serbia would reject the remarkably severe terms of the ultimatum, thereby giving her a pretext for launching a limited war against Serbia.
There were differnt alliances made early in 1914. It was The Triple Entente; Great Britian, France and Russia against the Triple Alliance which was Germany, Austria-Hungray and Italy.
Germany surrendered in 1918 and in January 1919 The Treaty Of Versallies was made to decide the fate of the defeated nations. The majority of the decisions was made by the 'Big Three'- France, USA and Britain.
The Great War went on from 1914-1919. The estimated number of people killed in the war was 17,000,000 people. The heaviest Casualties were;
Allied powers:
Russia- 2,500,000
France- 1,357,000
Serbia- 1,264,000
Britain- 908,000
Central Powers:
Germany- 1,773,000
Austria-Hungary- 1,200,000
Turkey- 325,000
by CrnaStrela August 27, 2005
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