The best war ever. Why? Because there were kings and queens, but there were also advanced weapons. Awesome!

There is one case in which World War I shouldn't be considered the best war ever, and that's if you fought in it.

How to fight in World War I:

1. Sit in a stinky trench for a month. Repeatedly get terribly ill from sleeping in mud mixed with shit.

2. Get your ass pounded by hundreds of thousands of artillery shells launched by an invisible enemy. Suffer from shell-shock.

3. Get gassed until you bleed out your ass

4. Jump out of your trench and get shot while mutilating your hands trying to climb over a barbed-wire fence.

5. Get limbs amputated.

6. Go home.

7. Suffer awful Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that makes Schizophrenia look normal.
World War I is cool to study, but if I wake up in a World War I bunker tomorrow I will shoot myself in the mouth.

The belligerent stages of World War I (the war had been subtly waiting to happen for decades) began when Archduke Franz Ferdinand (awesome name and title) was assassinated by a terrorist group called the Black Hand (frickin awesome name!) in Sarajevo, Bosnia (badass city even today).

Emperor Franz Josef (yes, "Emperor", it doesn't get better than that) of the Austro-Hungarian Empire then sent an ultimatum to the government of Serbia, which it held responsible for Ferdinand's death. Serbia failed to comply with the demands and was subsequently invaded by the Emperor's troops under General Franz Conrad von Hotzendorf (this stuff is too cool to make up). Soon, Tzar Nicholas of Russia declared that he was mobilizing his massive army. In response, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, who really didn't want war with Russia but previously promised support to Austria Hungary, mobilized his troops, declared war on Russia and France, and invaded Belgium and Luxembourg within days. His plan, the Schlieffen Plan, was to take France out of the war within three weeks, before Russia could mount a major offensive against Germany. He failed in this respect and the western front bogged down to a stalemate 50 miles outside of Paris.
by Randwulf January 31, 2010
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World War III:

1) A war which involves the whole world (or most of it, including all of the major countries). It is often predicted but hasn't happened yet.

2) A slang term, meaning a huge fight or 'disaster zone' (both literal or figurative).

NOTE: This is often shown as "WWIII"
1) "If the present world situation doesn't change soon, we'll have WWIII"

2) "OMG It looks like WWIII in here!" ...OR "They're about to have WWIII"
by $3><`/ - 7 October 11, 2004
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A 2006 novel by Max Brooks recounting the zombie apocalypse and it's effect on the world. It deals with themes such as blame, the media and its effect on society, and the unpreparedness of the world's governments.
It has had quite an effect of zombie culture. It's portrayal of the undead as rabid killing machines has spread to become the template for the species, and the book's signature, the Lobotomiser, is widely accepted by the zombie-killer community. It is a must read for all fans of the living dead, for all lovers of subtext, and for all people who enjoy a good horror story.
It was loosely adapted into a 2013 movie starring Brad Pitt.
Just to give you a taste of the book, there is a scene in which a crowd riots and destroys a mansion that is occupied by Bill Maher, Paris Hilton and Lil' Wayne. It is ultra-cool.
Also, the movie of World War Z is totally watchable, if a little castrated for gore.
by Marvelator August 02, 2013
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Let me put this in terms a teenager can understand

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was in Sarajevo and Gavrilo Princop popped a cap in his ass

Austria-Hungary got pissed off and asked Germany for help who gave them a "do whatever the fuck you want" or a blank check. Austria-Hungary finally asked Serbia to stop all anti Austria-Hungary activities and let them investigate the murder themselves. Serbia said fuck no and then Austria-Hungary declared war

because Russia was an allie of Serbia it began mobilization (preparing for war) and Germany didn't like this so they said "back the fuck up" to which Russia said no so Germany declared war on Russia and for no apparent reason whatsoever (just to be assholes I suppose) declared war on France. the declaration of war by Germany on France pissed off the English so England declared war on Germany

so basically they're all fighting when one day Germany shot a torpedo and sunk the Lusitania. the United States put their foot down and decided enough is enough and they were going to enter the war.

the Germans shit their pants and I can't remember what happened next but that's how it started
Class, today we're learning about World War 1
by applealex December 02, 2009
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According to the protagonist in Kurt Vonnegut's "Timequake":

"...The world's second unsucessful attempt to commit suicide."
A Japanese anti-tank mine in World War II? A 1000Kg bomb placed in a hole in the road with a Japanese soldier wielding a hammer.
by Pork King November 04, 2005
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War started when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, was assassinated. Because of the alliances at the time it caused a full fledged world war. There was the central powers - Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman empire. Then there was the Entente Powers - Great Brittan, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, and America.

The war used a trench war-fare combat system. Just a bunch of holes in the ground that you can hide in and shot you bolt-action rifle out of. The war suffered many casualty's because trench war-fare is not a good type of combat. The commander would just throw soldiers out of the trench to run miles to the enemy trench and use their rifles and bayonet's to try and take it over. During the war there was a new weapon used called the flame-throw mostly used by german storm troopers. Also the germans used another new weapon called the u-boat or the submarine.

Close to the end of the war the russian people had overthrown the government and installed a new communist government. Also they surrendered to the central powers.

The war ended with the treaty of Versailles. It did not give enough land to italy or japan, which angered the people which is why they joined the axis during WW2. The treaty smashed the german economy also enraging the people and causing them to hand the government to a man who promised to fix it all hitler.

This war was a real cluster fuck, and took many lives away from people for no reason.
World War 1 was a horrible and stupid war.
by PoorKing March 26, 2009
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