Over-simplification of a complex subject.

An analogy would be for a star player who had a good game to claim all the credit after the game and put his team-mates down. Even if the star player did have a great game, all the other members of the team played well and did their part in winning the game -- and helping the star player deliver a great individual performance.

This sort of behaviour (i) is pointless because it relies on speculation about what might have happened had things been different and (ii) displays a real lack of grace, particularly when it is the star player that is doing it.

Many nations (large and small) came together to fight against tyranny during World War II, and their commitment to that cause and their sacrifice was enormous. This is what should be remembered -- not whether one nation's contribution or sacrifice was greater than the others.
"Man, listen to Lance Armstrong claim all the credit for winning 6 Tours de France in a row! You think he'd forgotten there were 8 other guys out there riding for him. What a poor sport! It's just like those guys who bang on and on about the American View of World Ward II"

Note -- this is a stupid example to illustrate the point. Lance is a true sportsman and would never behave this way.
by Lance_fan June 23, 2005
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The US view on WW2 is very skewed, biased and innacurate... Lets just say that the war, in Europe at least, would have still been won by the allies (Britain and USSR) even if the US stayed out of it. USA never had any big battles and didn't do a lot of fighting, compared to some of the biggest battles in history which took place on the Eastern Front.
The average miseducated Americans view on WW2 is very skewed.
by Stalin March 17, 2005
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Actually, northern Europe was mostly liberated by local resistance
I think it'll be a good time for me to add that this business of 'speaking german' is pretty dumb when said about Britain. Although the empire didn't contribute to world war II, Hitler admired it, and looked up to the british as friends rather than enemies. Even churchill himself was a flipside of the same coin as Hitler in what they wanted(They both were great orators, looked to build upon thier empire, inspirational leaders etc.).

Unlike his attitude towards France or Russia, Hitler would never had forced Britain under a vichy government had he won. He would, however, after conquering Europe have attacked north america .His writings present a dim view of the united states- so he would make sure the culture would not be preserved. In short, britain would have german as a second language, the united states would have it as a first language.

Fortunately, this never happened. But If britain did fall then hitler would have the time he needed, as well as resources to pause the war, and resume it after he had created the nuclear warheads that were planned.

Although never launched, Von Braun had already completed a modification of the V2 (The v2 was actually the finishing part) that could well exceed the 220 mile restrictions of the popular V2, and instead could reach new York. Such an expense could not be justified by the normal one ton warhead of explosives found on normal V2s. Although lagging behind the united states by about 18 months, Hitlers nuke programme could have been better realised with an entire continent under control. In the same mannor as he suddenly attacked Czech and poland to recover the mining fields and the polish corridor (Gdansk, formerly Danzig) he could have blitzed the united states into oblivion with nuclear missiles that could not be shot down like an enola gay.
by Gumba Gumba June 3, 2004
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The slightly biased view of WWII, which started in 1939, when Hitler declared war upon Poland. Later, in December, 1941, the US legally declared war upon Japan. A day later, the remaining Axis powers declared war upon the US.

The US fought in the war until its end. It gave huge assistance in the D-Day invasion, and ended its war, and the Far East's war with Japan, which was the only Axis power that far east, by dropping two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in order.

Before the Pearl Harbor attack, The United States gave HUGE assistance to the Allied European powers, particularly in the way of money, food, weapons, and other important resources.

So, in fact, if it weren't for America, the European Allies would have, theoretically, fallen apart without the resource and militaristic support (allowing for the Nazis to take over all of Europe and effectively wipe out almost every singe person with Jewish heriatige on this planet), and a considerable amount of Eastern Asia would belong to Japan.

America may have been able to take care of itself if this did happen, maybe not, but it can be assured that if it weren't for America, every European (save the Switz, who were neutral, as they owned the world's banks) would be speaking German and hailing Hitler, and most, if not all, of the billions of people in Asia would be speaking Japanese and curisng America with every other breath.
The American view of WWII, although slightly inaccurate, is mostly true.

-The greatest, most intelligent move the devil has ever made is making us believe that he doesn't exist...
by Phrigajiblenoghip May 24, 2004
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I hate to make this seem like a chatroom with my response, but I figured what the hell.

Anyway, the United States of America did not participate in World War II until after Pearl Harbor in the near-end of 1941. By 1942, the United States of America had been involved in absolute full-blown war, along with the UK, France, the Soviet Union, Italy, Imperial Japan, and Nazi Germany.
HOWEVER, it is a fact that America had wanted to seclude itself from World War II. After World War I, America did not want to participate in anymore international wars. However, after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, America had to drag itself with all its military-industrial power.

America got roughly 3 years of battle in during WWII, from '42-'45. On June 6th, 1944, in cooperation with the UK and other willing allies, America launched Operation Overlord (aka : D-Day), in an ultra-daring attempt to reclaim France, ultimately to reclaim Europe from facist & nazi grip.
Then, in the middle of 1945, America began top-secret experimentation via a letter from a man named Albert Einstein, concerning a way to "split the atom". This was called The Manhattan Project, and it was the experimentation of a revolutionary new bomb, called an "atomic bomb" (sidenote : the atomic bomb was originally planned out by Axis powers like Germany and Japan). After August 6th and 9th of the same year, a new age was born.....

World War II ended on September 2nd of 1945 when Japan, the last enemy, surrendered.
After World War II, it was realized worldwide that the United States of America was clearly the world's most powerful nation, although along with the Soviet Union (these two would rival one-another during the Cold War, which would occur next year). It was also realized that the originally-fledgling nation of the United States of America had a major purpose, which would be to assume major leadership of the world (not absolute leadership, nor even rulership, given America's purpose and beliefs.....today, America believes that the world belongs to everyone).

Although America only got roughly 3 years of fighting in during WWII, America was said to do most of the work.
"I hope this definition works."
by Dave June 12, 2004
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