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Once a woman has passed the age of being a "cougar" (generally 50 plus) she is considered a wooley mammoth. She can still pull guys in their 30s as they think she may still be a coug because she takes good care of herself and looks like she's still in her forties.
Dude, thats no cougar, she's way over 50, she's a wooley mammoth.
by disathome July 28, 2010
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The act of having not shaven for awhile and pulling down your pants down and placing your hands in a thumbs up position by your doodle and rubbing it on someone and making a mammoth noise.
friend uno: Hey dude look at this.
friend tres: What?
friend uno: (wooley mammoth noise)
friend dose: He just wooley mammoth your face.
by The Cute Sleeper July 26, 2010
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