A very hairy or non-groomed pubic area on a Female. Where the hair from a female's pubis seems to sprout from the sides of her panties.
Damn that hippie chick had herself one mean ass Wookie Cookie!
by Crash Calhoun May 27, 2010
A bunch of guys sitting in a circle masterbating and the last guy to ejaculate eats everybody elses "Wookie Cookies"
Ted the Red Dead Bounty Hunter was the last in the circle to ejaculate, so he was soon faced with a mouthful of Wookie Cookies.
by BloodshedBito June 11, 2009
Slang for an eastern European females genitals. Originated in Sweden. It gets its name Wookie from the film star wars from the hairy species ''Wookie''
Hey, Viktors mother has a really nice wookie cookie
by Glenn146 July 19, 2012
A group of deprived teenagers sit in a circle with a cookie in the center of there quivering legs as they have contest to "squirt" on to cookie. The last one to land his load has to eat the cookie. It is basically a circle jerk with negative motivation.
Bryce: Hey taft you don't look so good.
Taft: I played wookie cookie last night
Bryce: let me guess .... You lost
Taft: Well in one way , yes
by Silent Observer June 18, 2003
Silent Observer, you're an idiot. The term you were looking for was "Gookie Cookie," not Wookie Cookie. You must have lost your brain while climaxing on baked goods...
Silent Observer doesn't even know the name of the very gizzed-on product that he's currently consuming, which happens to be a Gookie Cookie.
by Todd S August 3, 2005
I pulled her panties down to discover a jungle of pubic hair that resembled chewbacca. It was a certifiable cookie wookie.
by jonogibbo July 10, 2011