1. A wood token coin

2. a reminder to be cautious in one's dealings.
His word is worth a wooden nickel; That is worth a wooden nickel
by DT82 May 7, 2011
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This term is used when a person is being manipulated or lied to.
That pimp just handed her a wooden nickel to get her to bring him all her money.
by yesidid December 26, 2009
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noun-when a guy/girl sits on his/her partner's face and the guy/girl poops a little, leaving an indelible brown circle approximately the size of a nickel. Can't be too much--or you just had someone shit on your face.
During a moment of crazed ecstasy, the girl mounted his unshaven face and gently placed a wooden nickel upon his sweaty brow.
by Joey Shmoey November 16, 2006
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Don't let know one try to tell you, or get you to believe that it is..When really it never was and/or can never be.

Someone coming to you saying, I know where you can get this or that for a little of nothing..Just give me your name,address,money etc. And I'll see that you get it..When all alone they where just playing you..They knew that it wasn't or could never be. But you gave it to them trusting them. And you end up with nothing..

Be careful don't take no wooden nickels. Old saying originating from DETROIT.
by Mrs, Ty May 30, 2008
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Don't let anyone get over on you! Be alert and aware of shady people. (Often said as a goodbye)
by angelas3656 June 15, 2012
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An individual who is attempting to be a gold digger, but has mistakenly targeted a charlatan.
“Damn, that dumb ass ho bag wooden nickel digger gunna be real disappointed when that shitbag, pseudo-lawyer hands her Soviet era toilet paper to wipe that cum off her chin.
by Johnny Goldmember October 11, 2021
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