The sort of person who at a party whilst alone on a landing might flash about their small dick
"Look, that guy has a bit of a woodcock""Well at least he hasn't got it out on the landing....oh....he has"
by Bentall May 12, 2008
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A shorebird that lives in forests, the American Woodcock is most frequently encountered at dusk when the male's chirping, peenting aerial displays attract attention. Otherwise the superbly camouflaged bird is difficult to discover on the forest floor where it probes for earthworms.

Cool Fact:
The male American Woodcock gives no parental care, but continues to display long after most females have laid eggs. Some males display at several, widely separated singing grounds and will mate with several females. A female may visit four or more singing grounds before nesting, and she may keep visiting even when she is caring for her young.
Woodcock birds are easy to spot, they're the ones with short legs and a long pecker.
by dawoodman71 February 04, 2010
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The act of inserting an erect penis into ones mouth in an effort to shut them up.
I have been woodcocking people for so long it has become a regular occurrence.

Oh shit you just got woodcocked!
by G-vegas November 14, 2007
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A simple, dumb, unintelligent man, that is clueless to Mostly everything including himself. Nearly killing himself and others on a regular basis and has gotten by in life on sure luck.
I was just woodcocked and cooped at the same time.
by Mr Magoe May 16, 2019
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Inspired by the movie "Mr. Woodcock", when someone with good intentions is made out to be the "bad guy" by the manipulating villain confused for the victim.
Showing respect for others really pays off ... unless you're woodcocked in return by a guilty party in denial of their own actions.
by The Real Mr. Woodcock April 13, 2008
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1. A person who makes racket at the slightest provocation, is easily excitable and pulls a variety of silly faces for little reason.
2. Getting a splinter in your dick.
"That Annie is such a woodcock, especially if Neighbours is on."

"Man, last night, slid along the unvanished floor and ended up getting woodcocked."
by I Love Tarquin February 09, 2008
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come on wood and cock in the same name what needs to be said
wood hard and funny cock funny and hard woodcock
by pdx drinkers August 02, 2006
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