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Rich kids that Flex their money, start shit with other schools for no reason, and they feel that they're superior to anyone who doesn't have the same opinion as them. No matter what school you go to in vaughan, they probably know everyone there. They will legitimately stab you if you step on their shoes, and are huge hypocrites when it comes to insults. They also tend to host parties with up to 400+ people attending and do every sort of thing that is illegal for underage people at said party (smoke, drink, fuck, etc). Woodbridge kids or their parents are mostly of italian descent and are exclusive to the region of Vaughan, Ontario.
"hey man, did u know that someone was planning to shoot up the school yesterday?"

"Yep, heard it was some Woodbridge kid who got dumped by his girl and got real pissed about it"
by rockets mcdickface March 01, 2018
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