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Are you fast, black, athletic, and/or stupid? Oh, did you mean a Woodbridge Warrior? Well you bet your silly Irvine ass it is! Welcome to Woodbridge High, the scum of IUSD!

Irvine schools are known for being asian, smart, and shit at any sport. For anything that doesn't fit that category, it goes straight to the shithole: Woodbridge High.

Woodbridge also offers many AP classes not seen at neighboring high school such as Northwood or University High.

They offer:
AP Forkfighting (Someone was stabbed by a fork at the school)
AP Gang Signs (Everyone is ghetto af)
AP Tattoo Art (It's not surprising how many people have tattoos there)
AP Drug Dealing (Self-explanatory)

I think it is safe to say that this high school is the feeder school to many prestigious colleges such as ASU, IVC, and OCC! These are the Harvards of the western United States!

Woodbridge is known for their athletics, as they try hard in every sport. I mean, you would think it's not much of an accomplishment to smash into anorexic asians and call it a game, but for the pea-sized minded Woodbridge Warrior, it's a varsity letter!
Northwood Student: Hey you have a 2.0 GPA! And you get into a lot of fists fights!
Other Northwood Student: And?
Northwood Student: Transfer to Woodbridge High School!
by sighguyvlogs January 02, 2017
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