A word that distinguishes a potent, well tasting type of weed (Krypto) with a more less potent type of weed (Regs)
Fuck that, i dont smoke that wood
by Jim Bob April 15, 2005
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verb. the act of discarding a carcass of a recent nuisance kill in the woods near the back forty. i.e. an opposum that was eating your cat's food, wild dog that was eat your chickens, stray tom cat that was pissing on your back door, coyote, etc.
Animal control "old school country style".
Hold on a minute Man, I'm woodsing a 'yote I slammed that was after my chick'ns.
by ncarolinacountry January 22, 2011
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What George gets in the mornings
Osca: AHHHHH bears trying to shove his wood in my face
by Dave October 03, 2004
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fast food or food that you ate that wasn't very good but you consumed it because you were hungry
McDonald's food used to be good when i was a kid but when i got older i realized that it was some wood.
by jayrok06 February 23, 2010
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To be someone so great that everyone in the surrounding environment seethes with jealousy.
Wow, that person sure is like wood.

Hey, I wish I could be wood.

Man, I hate that wood guy for being so awesome.
by TheOneAndOnlyWood August 25, 2006
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