A person who is the absolute worst and deserve the death penalty
Bruh, mikayla is such a wonk because she is so selfish
by Juan Diego III December 4, 2019
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Wonk is a wonk
You what to be careful sitting down with a lot of wonk
It would be bad if your mam caught with wonk but it would be ok if your gran caught you with it

The green ones are bad
Yesterday me and my gran shared some wonk
by TheGrogan January 6, 2022
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This is Moriah Elizabeth ‘s take on the word Wonky.

P.S Moriah is a very famous youtuber, go check her out!
Well, for now this is looking very Wonks
by Ju - Arts March 26, 2021
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Wonk is a verb adverb noun adjective pronoun noun and conjunction
After intense training the man was ready to wonk.
by Wonky64 December 1, 2016
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Wonks is a word invented by Moriah Elizabeth.
it is a spin-off of the word wonky.
it was invented on her dollar store makeover video.
"okay, this first layer is lookin' a little wonks"
"was that english?"
"that's my spin-off word of wonky, and i hope i don't use it again-"
by lunaananannananan July 26, 2021
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wonks is a word created by Moriah Elizabeth in her video Dollar store makeover. it is her way of saying wonky.
'before it was looking a bit- WONKS'
by Quaver82 March 27, 2021
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