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1. Brilliant excuse for leaving school/work for an extended period of time after:
a) getting knocked up
b) being incarcerated
c) catching an STD

2. To have the offspring of a celebrity or be adopted by one
1. We discovered Heather lied to us about winning the lottery in college when we saw her 7-year-old child at our 5-year reunion.

2. Guy 1: Did you hear Dave Chappelle won the lottery?
Girl 2: He did?!?
Girl 1: Yeah, he fathered Oprah's baby!
by greymouse258 July 11, 2011
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when someone dies by an accident or by their own doing but not by murder. the idea is they no longer have to worry about paying bills or get up for another grueling day at work they 'won the lottery'
Hey remmeber sunch and such? yeah he won the lottery last week when he hit a light pole.

20 people won the lottery when the bus where were traveling in burst in flames.

such and such won the lottery last week, they said the wound got too infected.
by vegasdude41545 September 05, 2010
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Winning only $1.50, when you could have won $1,000,000.
Person 1: Hey, look, I won the lottery!
Person 2: Congratulations, how much did you win?
Person 1: $1.50!
Person 2: ...
by LouBlu08 April 11, 2021
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