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Basically its a school in the north east of wombwell, Usually found In Barnsley. The goers of wombwell high school have an uncanny ability to piss the students of other High schools in the area off, Especially the close relation school Foulstene.

Wombwell has an understanding of bullying and social classes. Wombwells policy on bullying is said in the criteria to be 'non-tolerant'. This basically means that everyone in wombwell bullys someone else in the school in some form or another.

In this particular high school the estimated Social class percentage are as follows:

Chav- 20% (usually first years) Emo-5% (most commonly found in the upper years in a small minority) Casuals- 60% Geeks- 15%.
1.Oh my god you go to Wombwell high school.

2. The headteacher of Wombwell high school smokes dope.
by jimmy93 August 06, 2009
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