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A Wolfster is someone who likes to hump, rape, molest, etc etc, whether you are a girl or guy. So that means anal rape for you fellas. If he doesn't get what he wants he resorts to suicide attempts, and risks the life's of others. He also likes to ruin peoples life's.
Ex 1: "Dude look at that guy over there ramming him the ass!" said Tim. "Oh thats just a Wolfster, lets walk away quickly!!!" replied Cara.
Ex 2: "Omg stfu you stupid Wolfster!" yelled Trozi. "amg!" said Wolfster. /wolfster cuts
Ex 3: "Oh my life sucks, I hate it so bad!!!" said Vicky. "Oh my god stfu you stupid Vicky, get a life and gtfo!" yelled Wolfster. *throws a bomb at Vicky*
"AHHH NOOO MY LIFE IS RUINED!" screamed Vicky.
by riosmonwasnothere January 18, 2009
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