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One of the punching techniques used by characters of the american comic Dragon Ball Z. Like all the other techniques, it can only be performed by screaming it's name, then performing the action. The purpose of this peculiar action is to confuse opponents with a loud sound in the hopes that they won't try to evade. When performed correctly, a flaming wolf head should surround the fist, causing a blast of flames when it makes contact with opponent. If the initial punch misses, the Flaming wolf head will fly away from the fist, possibley striking the opponent or group of new borns.

Due to the Wolf Fang Fist power, it is also used as a form of birthcontrol. This effect can be acheived by performing a Wolf Fang Fist on a prgnant girl's stomache. Also can be performed prior to conception by performing the technique on the girls vagina, causing her to become barren..

Can be used to defeat fighters many times your size. It Is recommended to use this technique if you find yourself fighting a group of baldheaded Marines, Saliors, Club Bouncers, or Body Guards.

See also Falcon Punch
Jake: "Did you see Dave talking smack to those bouncers at the club last night?"

Bob: "Yeah, after they broke a chair over his head, he tried perform a Wolf Fang Fist. But then they hit him with a pool stick and threw him out the door."

Juan: "Dude, I am so screwed! Ashley didn't take birth control last week, what the hell am I gunna do?"

T.J: "Wolf Fang Fist her coming out of the shower tomorrow."
by Smack Everything May 01, 2010
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