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Check out what's going on in Woking

Woking has a fantastic nightlife and has loads of colourful people to meet and places to go

Woking is more then just another town somewhere in the U.K woking is a special and unique town

Hall of fame woking

-H.G. Wells
-Eric Clapton
-Jam members Paul Weller, Rick Buckler and Bruce Foxton
-Peter Davison
-Ken Wood
-Lady Margaret Beaufort
-Dame Ethel Smyth
-Adelina de Lara
-George Bernard Shaw
-The Spice Girls
-Peter Gabriel
-Status Quo's Rick Parfitt
-World War II heroines Lilian Rolfe and Sonya Butt
-Cricketing twins, Sir Alec and Eric Bedser
-John Paul Getty
-King Henry VIII
-Queen Elizabeth I
-Lady Emma Hamilton
-John Donne
-Harry Hill
-Derek Griffiths
-Hilary Mantel
-Ron Dennis
-Molly Brett
-André De Toth
-James Cracknell
-Kieran West
-Sam Lowe
-Brian Hooper
-Delia Smith
-Albert Jack
-Kazuo Ishiguro
-Graham Stuart Thomas
-DJ Darren Price
-Arthur James Balfour
-Sir Samuel Morton Peto
-Comedian Sean Lock
-Tessa Wyatt
-Gary Daniels
-Matt Willis
-Terry Hand
-Leslie 'Les' Reed O.B.E

The population of Woking in mid-2009 was 92,400.

•48.8% males
•51.2% female
•19.2% aged 14 or under
•66.1% aged between 15 and 64
14.7% aged 65 or over

Whether you like convenient shopping, great entertainment, Amazing nights out , historic villages or interesting days out, Woking fits the bill
girl 1 Lets have some fun

girl 2 Lets go clubbing

girl 1 Lets go woking town

girl 2 Yes I love it

girl 1 I have the best nights out in woking

girl 2 Yes woking nightlife is amazing
by Woking Nightlife August 25, 2011