A term often thrown around by people to note that someone agrees with the same conspiracy theory as them. These people can usually be spotted wearing tin foil hats and complaining that the government won't allow them to collect rain water.
Bill is woke he thinks chemtrails are real because he saw it on YouTube.
by Cuh I'm hella lit fam November 30, 2016
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Woke - A word you can use to let the entire world know you are a moron. Basically 99% of the idiots using words like "woke" wouldn't know the real truth if it bit them in their willfully ignorant brainwashed arses. Most of them listen to the BS PC crap from the radical left controlled media such as CNN, MSN, Washington Post, etc and their idiotic radical left college professors, and believe every word hook line and sinker....instead of actually using their brains to seek the real truth which anyone or anything connected with the left doesnt want anyone to know.
SJW Commie Libtard #1 - Man Trump sucks, I wish he could be more like Obama or Hillary because they are awesome! People just need to get woke breh!!

SJW Commie Libtard #2 - Oh ya bruh Trump is a white supremacist racist scumbag who hates America! Hillary would have been so much better and such a great president because she is such a good person!! Just like Obama was! People just need to get woke and understand what is really going on! ANTIFA FTW!!
by LiberalsRfuckingMorons October 22, 2017
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A state of enlightened understanding, particularly related to issues of race and social justice. Someone who is woke is aware of issues of injustice and inequality, unlike those who might say they are colorblind.
Did he just say that Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentencing was a racist policy? That is the most woke white boy I've ever met.
by AustinAndy January 24, 2017
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Unselfconscious social awareness
b.o.b spent his weekend watching zeitgeist conspiracy videos on youtube and came out as the #wokest individual on twitter
via giphy
by Burns Powers September 04, 2016
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Describes a state of being in which you generally question common paradigms. The word denotes that a person has a desire to research his positions on most issues before espousing ideas that are accepted. Intrinsic to the state of being woke is that you fight against systems of indoctrination such as religion, education system, racism, nutrition, etc...
I need a girl that is woke so she can help me keep my diet on point.
by Zaheer June 14, 2017
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A word meant to replace the word enlightened usually used by people who were brainwashed by the Illuminati or is a part of the Illuminati cult. The word is usually used in reference to a fictional 8-year-old child, usually claimed to be their own biological child, in unusual and extreme political bias that the child supposedly said that is meant to sound intelligent. Unfortunately, if the child is real it points to the possibility that a few children may have been politically abused by the propaganda and dogma that their parents believe something of which was caused by fake news.
My woke 8-year-old child just told me how afraid he is of our new president because our new president is going gas us all just like the Nazis did to the Jews. All who voted for Trump are Nazi worshiping white supremacist murders.
by Lumlotus December 06, 2016
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A non-linear, conscionable or unconscionable, fluid state of being knowledgeable, aware and mindful of
the pertinent intricacies and oftentimes unclear aspects of culture, communication and ritual in regards
to race, equality and injustice; and further an enlightenment to the nature of truth and language in
relation to an individual’s own perspective of self, other, or that of a collective.
Malcolm X was Woke.
by gaojulin November 28, 2017
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