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Guy who is in tune with social climate (typically leans left) and uses it as a point of conversation when trying to pick up girls.
Can become a bad thing when all that he is is a woke.
Akin to fuck boy.
Girl: Gotta get me a woke boy. I'm tired of arguing why BlackLivesMatter is a legit cause.

Woke Boy: I don't understand how Trump is still president! He's disgusting and inexperienced.
Other guy: dude why is everything a fight with you? I just asked if you know what time it is.
by Sillyjem June 22, 2017
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The Woke Boy down the street; When he’s just walking down the middle of the street at 3 am, glowing eyes, floating a foot off the ground
Woke Boy no! Not my soul! Not again!
by ArtemisLuck May 14, 2019
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