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An act of wizardry foreplay. This will only work if you have a very hairy bum. A person lays on their back and closes their eyes whilst you squat over their face. Gently part your bum cheeks revealing the very hairy anus. Whilst tweaking your anus to resemble a kiss slowly lower until your hairy anus comes in contact with the other persons lips and at that point they should kiss. The hair and the tweaking action will feel like you are kissing a bearded wizard.
Have you ever kissed a wizard? Have you ever felt a wizards kiss?
by Perellio June 11, 2018
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n. The act of a penis making contact with a fetus during vaginal intercourse. Can sometimes result in special, otherworldly abilities being passed on.
When I was in the womb, my father's wizard's kiss gave me a cataract that gave me the power of laser vision.
by alfanky33 January 12, 2019
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