Paraphrasing from the slogan “must-win-battles” it can be applied to a drinking competition or to a good night out with blokes.
Acronyms: MWB
T: Hi bro, how was that mission to the Oktober Fest?
M: I tell you what, it has been like a must-win-bottle, I have never been so drunk!
by milfonian March 11, 2012
"GR Stay Winning" Originates from a message sent down by MafiaBorn prior to a server restart after numerous attacks on the server. Circa 2022
"Yo bro have you heard we're getting DDOS'd?"
"Lol yeah bro GR Stay Winning."
by Kirwinning March 11, 2022
when if you win in a game where you cant do anything at the last turn. For example, You got a 2048 tile in the game of 2048 but when you continue, you cant do anything
Alice: Yay, I win!
Bob: You do realize it is a game over win, right?
by pocodefenitions July 31, 2022
A sentence that derived from racing meaning whatever won on the race day will have a increase in demands the day after.
Guy 1: why does mercedes win every race?
Guy 2: i don't know but what wins on sunday sells on monday man
by elongatedeel June 29, 2021
When someone finally get a win and they act like they been doing it
One win and don’t know how to act
by Mk.Immaculate January 17, 2021
Used in serious debate to refute all arguments.

kinda op.
You - "You are sus"
Me - "No evidance i win"
You - *Btfo'd*
by racism is fucking cringe August 5, 2022
When you lose everything you hold dear and everybody starts hating you and making fun of you so in a fit of petty rage you attempt to take everything around you down only to fail spectacularly.
Man 1: I heard Dutch tried to turn the VIP server against itself.
Man 2: Yeah, but it failed miserably, in the end he thinks he won.
Man 1: Yeah, he sure is “winning” all right...
by Booooooce July 3, 2021