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A highly sensitive leader that gets his feelings easily hurt and has to take it out on everyone around him. This world leader is not a Pooh Bear. He is a Pooh Cub. He is a Pooh Otter. Like Winfrey The Poop, the U.S. version of this leader, Winnie The Pooh Otter, has separation issues and suffers from body image problems. He used to take Ma Huang, but the doctors said "BAD FO HAWT! BAD FO HAWT! Like Winfrey The Poop, he takes his issues out on everyone around him emotionally. It is understandable, being so hurt. Much kinder than the U.S. WInfrey The Poop, who debuted in The Wiz and turned three ex employees neighborhoods into slums with the snap of her fingers.
Carey: I bought a Burrberry umbrella from Amazonia. It came straight from Chin Chin Town with labels on it. It didn't say Burrberry on the Amazonia listing, but it came with a Burberry tag. Damn, Jeff Benzos and Winnie The Pooh Bear.
Mr Big: Carey, don't call him Winnie The Pooh Bear. I do business with him personally. He is an empath. A sensitive guy. He is a Winnie The Pooh Otter.
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by HearMyName June 16, 2018
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