A women that helps a man score/ hook up with usually a hot chick. She is not a cockblocker she helps with the introduction of the the two paramors but retreats when both paramors accept each others company
He has wing woman so that's why his never lonely in the weekends.
by Lady qlio July 14, 2013
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A lady who is your closest friend and confidant, whom you can depend on to help you through the hardest times but who is also there to celebrate for the happy times
Dude I was a depressed son of a bitch before Sabrina got tasked to be my wing-woman!
by Aviator729 May 15, 2013
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The friend who will stay by your side when you go out and/or dance with you while clubbing in order to keep the ugly/creepy/scary guys at bay. Unlike a Wing Man, this is not the girl who occupies the hot guy's ugly friend. Unlike women, guys have no problem ditching their friends for the hook-up (they just say, "peace out, man, I got to go tap that" and the discussion is closed). Wing Women are usually hot or at least cute so that they are easy to pass off if there happens to be a not so ugly/creepy/scary guy with whom the other woman would like to hook up. The Wing Woman position may be held simultaneously within a pair or group of women.
Good thing Evelyn was my Wing Woman or that creepy guy would have been grinding me on the dance floor.
by Nicole Masciopinto April 17, 2007
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