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Extremely loose, wet stool that is induced by drinking too much wine of any variety. Wine Shits are known for their extremely rancid, stench and shit vapors bouquet. The remnant smell of Wine Shits is known to linger for extended periods of time and are most often encountered in office restrooms on Monday mornings after the office's resident wine connoisseurs have been on a weekend bender.
No one wanted to use the Men's restroom on Monday morning. Ron was well known for making his usual early morning arrival and sharing a wicked smelling case of the Wine Shits from his weekend wine bender.
by Eaton Holgoode May 06, 2015
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A shit that is one solid turd acting like a cork followed by diarrhea acting like the wine.
The cork blew on my wine shit
by Noonish July 24, 2018
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