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1. A delicious summertime cocktail containing 65% cheap wine and 45% fruit-flavoured Cider . While the recipe calls strictly for white wine, the flavour of Cider can vary (excluding Pomegranate). The cocktail's namesake is the "Growers" brand of apple cider, but some connoisseurs prefer the "Okanagan Premium" brand to "Growers".
"Zoe went to get some Okanagan Premium for the Wine Growers."
"Thanks for the delicious batch of Wine Growers, Kevin!"
"I can't believe Peter didn't like the Wine Growers, what a snob!"
"Ted, Lindsay and Lisa all had too much Wine Growers."
"Let's bring a bottle of Wine Growers on the bus with us; what could possibly go wrong?"
by Skywalkers July 05, 2009
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