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The Winchester Rapist is a tall African-American guy. He is also very skinny, on account of his being a drummer. He is NOT a mild-mannered businessman by day; in fact, by day he is a Banshee. If you are a girl attending an arts magnet school in the Dallas area, you must take precautions against this perverted, sick creature.

He rapes his victims by hugging them. These deadly hugs never last for a period of time shorter than 20 seconds; often they are much longer than that. Another method of rape that he employs is raping people with the twisted, perverted things that spill from his lips. When not raping young, nubile freshmen, he enjoys chasing white boys through the streets.

The Winchester Rapist is widely believed to be an unstoppable force of perversion and evil; however, a little-known fact about him is that he has a deathly fear of ninjas. If you have a ninja friend, please keep him or her around at all times, for your own safety. Thank you.
Winchester Rapist: Hey, come gimme a hug...

(hugs innocent little freshman chick)

Freshman: Ahh! Wtf?! I"m being raped!

Winchester Rapist: Hella yeah babe... Hey, were the eff are you going, I ain't finished! Holy sit the ninja's here... Oh well, I guess I'll go chase that white boy.

(takes off after the white boy)
by Kumquat!Is.A.FunnyWord January 17, 2011
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