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A town full of rich old people, pot-head teenagers, and nasty 24/7 pajama wearing, piss scented, crackhead raised kids. The only things to do in this town is play at the park, go swimming at the pool, or cause drama because every girl in Wilton is a fake bitch. Wilton High School is very good at sports, and everyone has a juul. Probably the teachers, too. If the town was bigger than a mile wide and two miles long, it would be a good town.
Banker From 10 Miles Away: Can I get your city name?
Wilton, Iowa Dude: Yeah, Wilton.

Guy 10 Miles Away: What the fuck is a Wilton? Is that in Illinois?
Wilton, Iowa Dude: Fuck no.
by sneakdissiowa May 16, 2019
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