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The theoretical principle that refers to the point on a dance floor in which there is the greatest density of women (see Wilson's Law for more information). Discovered by Justin Smallwood and Christopher Portlock on the 7th of August 2010 Wilson's Spot, and consequently Wilson's Law, provides great insight into the migration and patterns of movement among dancers across the world. The name is derived from Mick Wilson who would always appear to have the greatest concentration of women surrounding him on a dance floor as observed at a local school Deb.

The ‘center’ of the Wilson’s Spot must also abide by a number of conditions for the law to stand true. Namely, the person at the center of the Wilson Spot must be bogeying at such a degree (as relative to the dancers around them) that they cause an influx in the ‘party molecules’ in the atmosphere of the dance floor, causing women to migrate to the center of the Wilson Spot. For this threshold of bogeying to be reached, a person must be dancing at an ‘awesomeness level’ of 110% greater than those around them.

It had also been discovered that if a person who creates a Wilson Spot lowers their level of bogeying at such a drastic rate that sees them simply socializing on the dance floor and not dancing, a reverse effect of the Wilson’s Law can be observed as there will be a reduction in the number of people present on the dance floor.
Wow look at all those women dancing around Freddy down there!" "Huh - guess he must be at the center of a Wilson's Spot" "Yeah - I saw him doing some pretty insane moves earlier
by UnDeadChicken August 08, 2010
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