-A pedophiler using a chocolate bar to seduce a young boy, while melting chocolate between his ass cheeks.

-an old man jerking off to the movie Willy Wonka while eating chocolate., and screaming Willy oh Willy
-Hey Katelyn, did you hear that Nick got a Willy Wonka the other night! He was totally freaked out!

-Hey Tanner I heard your grandpa last night...does he like too Willy Wonka often?
by Britt-Neigh March 12, 2007
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1) When a guy takes a shit into a grils mouth and then she gives the guy a little foreskin peeling (blowjob).
1) MAn A: I knocked out some girl and gave her a willy wonka
by Morpheus Dejumba April 05, 2007
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a womans bosom, o fuck that breast or tits, basically if a man saw your willy wonkas his little sprinkler would jump up and he would pound you. and it is also a little kids movie. no it has nothing to do with boobs. but it's a light pink mushy kinda soft part of the womans body that is a lot of fun to feal and practice druming on
boy: nice willy wonkas
girl: really
boy: let me pound you
by fatpeopleh8er's May 27, 2006
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I was doing naked pull ups and she started blowing me, so i wrapped my legs around her head and gave her the willy wonka.
by jomo85 April 11, 2006
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The act of engaging in sexual activity with a bitch while covered in melted chocolate. While in the action of anal sex, you quickly remove your penis, and replace it with a lollipop. You continue by switching roles with your midget friend (who resembles an Oompa Loompa), but before you conclude, take out the shit-covered lollipop and make the bitch eat it!
Dude, me and my midget buddy totally fucked this bitch Willy Wonka style last night. Suprisingly, she loved the midget more, and enjoyed her shit pop.
by Susan Polandeese April 09, 2008
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When a a guy has a girl suck his dick then puts it in her ear and then up her nose then into her mouth. the flavors of the nose and ear make it a creation of willy wonka!
Hey man, i gave that girl a willy wonka and she actually liked it!
by MikedaDyke May 08, 2009
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When a girl gives you such a rough, hard blowjob that your dick feels sore afterward.
"Dude, that girl I went home with gave me a real Willy Wonka, now my dick's killin' me."
by Kasen July 02, 2007
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