To shit on a girls pussy and then eat her out.
I decided to willy Wonka the girl because I was both hungry and horny.
by Johnjohn123john January 28, 2016
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When a girl you are in a 69 with has explosive diarrhea and turns loose on your face making you look like a boy eating a Willy Wonka bar on a hot summers day.
While I was in a loving 69 embrace with my gal, she surprised me with a Willy Wonka.
by Thom Jones July 07, 2012
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When you shove a chocolate bar up a vagina, then slowly suck it out. Chewing...yummy.
Hey hunny, im hungry and horny! Lets do the willy wonka! Yum!
by WillyWonkaCocoaLover1 August 28, 2008
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Euphemism for a penis. Commonly said when expressing ambition to have sex with someone.
I'd like to stick my willy wonka in her chocolate factory.
by Aaron CK November 19, 2005
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When a man injects feces into his scrotum, then when he ejaculates the sperm is replaced by a fountain of poop.
That hooker did not see that Willy Wonka coming!
by Hellsa House September 18, 2008
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noun- An act of intense, emo intercourse performed by a man, wearing a purple top-hat, on a woman;

1.) The man gurgles up a lugi and spits on the woman's vagina. He then begins to smear it around, stimulating her clitoris.

2.) The man then persists by shoving Twizzlers, at least 27, analy into the woman. *Of note, if the woman begins to bleed, you are doing it right*

3.) The man will then drizzle hot fudge all over the woman's breastic region and smear it everywhere. He will then lick all of it off and force her to eat the Twizzlers.

4.) Upon completion, the couple will have sex, however avoiding anal, due to the fact that she will hot be tight in that region.
"At first, I thought my boyfriend was going to rape me... But it was much worse!"

"What happened?!"

"...He gave me a Willy Wonka!"

"Oh! My! Fucking! GOD!"
by cavalico April 07, 2009
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