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A school located in Portage Indiana, WillowCreek is slightly larger than their arch-rivals, Fegley. Housing nearly 1000 students WillowCreek mainly consists of preppy kids wearing Aeropastle,Hollister,Ambercrombie and Fitch clothes. There are a handful of kids who follow the "emo" trend. The rest of the student body consists mainly of white/hispanic kids acting "gangsta" and trying to look cool by cursing. Most kids at Willowcreek even the goody-two-shoe advanced placement kids have done drugs (weed) or alchohal.
P1: Hey dude *slaps back* How's it going at WillowCreek middle school?
P2: Same old, same old man just trying to escape WillowCreek alive while in gym... if I have to run around the track one more time...
by Life sucks, deal with it. July 07, 2012
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A gay ass school in Lehi Utah where rich mormon white kids go and where everybody claims to be bisexual for attention
“oh did you hear that momo kid come out to be bisexual?” “oh yeah they must go to Willowcreek Middle School
by zzzlittledickgirlzzz January 31, 2019
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