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A school in south jersey which dosent have a football team so everyone plays for town. Full of people who either think they can be a famous YouTuber or a famous sports player when they get older. There is kids always saying they are gonna fight people but they ain’t gonna do it. Where the phys ed teachers take us outside even if it’s -8 degrees our gym uniforms which are T-shirt’s and basketball shorts. It’s probably knows for its mold problem that they obviously didn’t take care of over the summer so the kids had off of school for a week. It’s 5-8th grade and the fifth graders think they are better than everyone. There is a popular group. A group of hoes. The dumbasses. And the outcasts. Those are the groups of people in each grade. You’ve got to be one. Has a fire drill like 200 times a week. Has a R.I.S.E program (respect. Integrity. Self control. Empathy) that nobody ever listens to. And Lead (law enforcement against drugs) that clearly don’t work because by 6th grade they smoke weed. If you don’t vape you aren’t cool. EVERYONE HAS A SHORT ATTENTION SPAN. And nobody goes in the one hallway because someone ‘died’ there. (You never know with Williamstown Middle School)If you are new to this school MAY GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL. ps home to Dominic Tracy and his clickbaited YouTube videos.
Fifth grader: “I’m gonna be a full time famous youtuber before you and I’m gonna drop out of school and be homeschooled

Sixth Grader: “oh my god I heard Shaniqua and Trinity are dating! That’s gay!”

Seventh Grader: “fuck you mom! i vape and you can’t stop me”

Eighth Grader: “I’m almost out of this fucking scho- oooh is that an ass I see”
“Yeah they are from Williamstown Middle School”
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by Just a Williamstown Student January 12, 2018
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A bunch of dick licking girls and fuckboys especially boys named Caleb
Man, Caleb fucked that girl last night at Williamstown middle school
by Daddy buck69 April 22, 2019
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