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The man responsible for 90% of the worlds LSD. Got busted in the year 2000. Could you believe that? 90%! Thats why LSD is so rare to find these days. That sucks!

"The DEA maintains that Pickard and partner Clyde Apperson were responsible for manufacturing a majority of the LSD sold in the United States at the time of his arrest, citing a single post-arrest statistic indicating a 95 percent reduction in the drug's availability (where other sources have shown an historically falling interest in LSD). The DEA also maintains that besides the missile launch facility in Kansas, Pickard and Apperson had previously manufactured LSD in Mountain View, California, in Oregon and in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The DEA claims a Santa Fe lab they operated also consistently produced about 1 kilogram of LSD every five weeks. DEA estimates are that 1 kilogram of LSD is equal to 10 million doses with "street value" of $4 million, at 100 micrograms-per-$4-dose. Significantly, the DEA reported only six ounces (less than 170 grams) of ergotamine tartrate (the essential and difficult to obtain LSD precursor) were found in vehicles associated with the silo."
QUESTION-Hey, howcome LSD is so rare to find man?

ANSWER-Because that stupid chickenhawk William Leonard Pickard GOT BUSTED WITH 90% OF IT!
by Manmoss1234 July 06, 2009
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