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1)The 41st President Of The United States.
2)Also the first traitor to be knowingly elected President. (He protested against his country in a foriegn land in a time of war, in case you didn't know that. Oh, and he was a true draft evader.) His two terms can be summed up as this: Other than signing NAFTA, and having numerous folks nearby him die of suspicious causes he accomplished nothing. Unless you are amoung the masses who thought that having him defile the Oval Office is a pretty good thing.
Although touted by the liberal masses as the "end all-be all" of American presidents, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton didn't do much leading as he was contolled by the polls-and he had an asprin factory bombed-just for a little diversion.
by Tiberius1701 August 23, 2006
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