Basically a nicer way of saying boot camp. Anyone that has been sent to wilderness therapy can tell you first hand how horrible it is. You sleep in the middle of nowhere with people you have never met. You aren't allowed to do anything fun, and "therapy" isn't what goes on, "brainwashing" be very careful. You have to "earn"(a.k.a.) work your way to leaving the hell hole. The staff that work there are all hippies and are annoying as fuck. Showers do not exist and you can forget about clean clothes, pillows, talking to your parents, knowing any future information, or running away. No one has ever made it out, and getting caught running away will get you sent to worse places. Anyone that attempts to escape these types of places is pretty damn courageous, but extremely stupid. The best thing to do when sent to these places is to listen to everything the people working there tell you to do. Your only priority should be getting the hell out of the place. Words can't truly describe "Wilderness Therapy," ask anyone that has been and they will respond the same way. Those places are not places you ever want end up at. Don't fuck up kids, because nothing...and I mean NOTHING is worth being sent to a "Wilderness Therapy Program."
Hannah: Did you hear about Emily?

Anna: Yeah, her parents sent her to "Wilderness Therapy" Whatever the fuck that is

Hannah: Ooooh shit...this is bad. My cousins friend was sent to one of those places and he is in the army...

Anna: Sooo...what's your point?

Hannah: Anna...He said that the experience was far worse than anything he's seen... and he's in the army...

Anna: Oh Shit...this is bad. We got to break her out.

Hannah: Damn Right! Let's go. We're coming for you Emily!!
by AshleyNewton455 April 23, 2013
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