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A person who attempts to demonstrate knowledge obtained by searching on Wikipedia. This person has no legitimate degree from an accredited institution in said subject/topic, but will use the online encyclopedia to prove their point on the topic being discussed.

After reading a ridiculous comment from someone that posted a link:

"Oh look, a Wikipedia Scholar is trying to prove himself again."
"Oh the Wikipedia Scholar thinks be correct, because he thinks he has a good source of information."
by Luddz May 08, 2015
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A person who jumps in on forums who has little meaningful understanding of the topic being discussed and quickly educates themselves via Usually, but not always, these individuals post "points" for debate in the same order as they appear on Wikipedia (a dead give away).
Person 1: Wow! Joe Shmoe sure knows a lot about XYZ...
Person 2: If you look it up on Wikipedia it is even in the order XYZ, just another wikipedia scholar; no real knowledge, thoughts or opinions of their own...


Person 1: I didn't realize so and so knew so much about string theory.

Person 2: Yeah, he likes impressing people with his education as a Wikipedia Scholar.
by Dan James March 10, 2008
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A person whose knowledge of many various topics is mainly derived from reading Wikipedia.
"Oh John, how do you know so much about everything?"
"I'm a Wikipedia scholar; I spend my free time reading Wikipedia pages."
by Man Sheck August 30, 2012
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