affects of tripping on acid or ecstasy.

aka. wigging out, or wiggin'

came from the original definition of acting wierd or spastic. Transfered to the description of a person after chemical drug use, as many users act "wierd"
Texan 1: "Got that E"
Texan 2: "i stay wiggy"
Texan 1: "already"
by i handle my handle August 21, 2007
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Wiggy, is a word used to express your Hapiness and sometimes used to express victory.

However, Wiggy used in the wrong situation, can be fatal and can ruin the mood of most people.
Right: Just passed my theory test! Wiggy!

Right: Haha, can't believe I won you again! Wiggy!

Wrong: Just had a poo! Wiggy!
by Chog lips Crawf August 01, 2012
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Found in Lancashire.
- A tall person with short dark hair, often found lurking in pubs frequented by teenage girls.
- Someone who suffers from 'magnetic lips syndrome'.
- Has occasional bouts of OCD, which when combined with bubble wrap can cause immense hilarity.
Dan: Where's Wiggy?
John: Some chick clamped onto his lips.
Dan: Oh, guess he won't want this joint then.
John: Fucking Women!
by The Cellar Bar July 19, 2006
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1. Doesn't work quite like it should, undefinably wrong
2. Unreliable
3. Dances like a white person
1. "Man, this flash site is totally wiggidy wack"
2. "Jack is wiggin out on us"
3. "This bike is wiggy. What's that funny sound"
by theOdour August 08, 2005
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orriginates from surrey.
a beanpole-like person with long hair (hence the name)
laid back, smells funny
can build you a satellite with neons for less than 50 quid.

underworked and over paid.
NOT in any relation to the guildford bearded lady.(we think)
person 1: omg its wiggy!
person 2: i wondered what that smell was.
by T.T. and L.H. August 16, 2005
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