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With the advent of subprime loans and no income documentation loans, a new species of man and woman evolved, the Wigger Rich.

Not satisfied with just leasing BMWs, the Wigger Rich yearned for more out of the meager existence. Once news got out you could buy a million dollar home for five dollars down, every minimum wage piece of white trash across the United States began buying properties their minimum wage jobs at Blockbuster couldn't possibly pay the mortgage on.

Now, all these Wigger Rich have their hands out and pleading to the government to assist them by stating they were misled by lenders. I, a person who is educated enough, and have worked hard since I was 16 to pay off debts and earn a credit status worthy of purchasing a home say this - FUCK YOU WIGGER RICH MOTHER FUCKERS, GO BACK TO APARTMENTS AND BUS TRANFERS YOU CAME FROM.
Look, that Wigger Rich mother fucker just got his ass foreclosed on. Good luck and good riddens, time to get your monkey ass back to your studio apartment.
by Wiggerhater1 October 08, 2008
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