A wig wog is a person of great power, and is highly respected by many.
Hey look! there’s Vincent he’s truly what you could consider a wig wog with what he’s done for the people.
by Winbrick November 18, 2019
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the word to describe a wigger a white nigger wannabe
its not nig nog thats for black people its wig wog for whie people
damn look at that wig wog over there dat wigger
by wig wog September 12, 2007
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Potentially racist term for someone of Black African Origin.

Usually used in a humourous context between friends, where no racism is intended.
Bob: "You team-killed me! You Wig Wog!"
Jim: "Is it too late to say sorry?"
by Traize June 24, 2005
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A racist term used when describing a Black person (wog) with blonde hair, doesn't necessarily have to look like a wig.
John : look at that fucking wig wog over there!
Joe : ahaha! what a coon!
by hateallblacks March 07, 2009
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