(v) The act of taking a desirable woman to be your wife.
Man 1 "Dude, she's smart, pretty, nice and likes beer and football, I totally gotta wife her up"
Man 2 "That's a great wife up. Solid find"
by ElTigreNegro December 10, 2009
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When a man is held down or in check by a female counterpart so as to not engage in social situations with other members of the general public.
Our good buddy Brian Davis was "wifed up" this evening and instead of hanging out with the guys, wished to just gay it up and make love by the fireside.
by Wach November 10, 2007
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taken by one man/woman and one man/woman only, faithful and loved by the one person.
im wifed-up and loving my life.
by dada polk April 28, 2008
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a guy who has a wifey
"yo can i holla at ya boy he lookn mad cute"
"nah he wifed up"
by yo liz January 5, 2007
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Someone who is in a relationship. Specifically someone who is completely involved in a relationship that they ignore friends and change their lifestyle.
Erica - Hey Molly you are completely wifed up huh?
Molly - No way, me and Harry Potter are barely seeing each other. Besides he is way to cool for me just like everyone else ever and ever and ever.
Erica - You don't even hang out with us anymore though. You just play Quidditch with him all day.
Molly - Well Erica, really no one likes hanging out with you anyway. You are kind of a loser, but ok maybe I am a little wifed up.
by rap battle master March 31, 2009
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The act of a man working towards getting some decent pussy. Usually involves acting like you are interested in the bitch, and takin care of her from time to time. Most likely ends in the gentleman busting in the bitches face immediately prior to their breakup.
"Yeah that bitch Susan was fine as shit, thats why i decided to wife it up...but it wasnt worth my while to deal with her anymore so imma bust in her face tonight and end it.
by Pilot420 October 24, 2009
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Wifing a girl up is saying you want to marry them, that's all kids.
I'm gonna wife you up
by Kxyla February 22, 2018
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