A term used by guys to describe how likely their brilliant home improvement projects, social plans or geek toys will be accepted by their wives.

Note that the purist never assigns a Wife Acceptance Factor a number score, like 8.7, or a even a relative amount like "low" or "high". This is what keeps it from being the precise measurement implied by the name, and adds to the irony.

Neither does the purist ever use the abbreviation WAF, it is always sardonically drawled out in full: "Wife Acceptance Factor".

It is also never used by hen-pecked husbands, since they have no say in anything anyway.
Yeah, that SONY 60" 3D HDTV I wanted just didn't have the whole Wife Acceptance Factor thing going on.

Dude! That's at least reasonable. My wife put the kibosh on my awesome home automation plan, which anyone would agree should fly right under the Wife Acceptance Factor radar.
by Light Switch Labeling is Bad? January 10, 2011