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When two gentlemen have made love to the same woman on separate occasions, they are linked with an unbreakable bond and are known as Wiener Brothers.

Any form of sex (fanny, bum, mouth) will do, though the bond is that little bit tighter if both aforementioned wieners have visited the same orifice, or indeed more than one!

There is no expiration time, any duration between these sessions is allowed, though if all three parties are engaged in love making at the same time, the Wiener Twins rule comes into play.
Aaron: so you know Jeeves's new girlfriend?
Jay: Who? Chloe?
Aaron: Yeah... She and I played hide the salami a couple years ago..
Jay: Holy shit! You're wiener brothers! Mazel Tov!!!

by Reiquaza August 02, 2010
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When two men have sex with the same girl at the same time.
"Dude, me and Jim did Heather last night, can you say three way?!"

"Dude, you and Jim are wiener brothers!"
by McKickass625 December 13, 2009
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When two best friends fuck each other, but aren't actually faggots.
"Hey Jim, I haven't fucked any bitches lately, wanna be wiener brothers?"

"You're a fucking faggot Steve"
by Penumbra 69 November 18, 2009
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