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"Why won't God heal amputees?" is an atheist site created by a liberal retarded atheist called Marshall Brain. The site employs faulty reasoning and fallacies to try and debunk the existence of God with the question in the title. The premise of the argument is that since God doesn't heal amputees when people pray for it, God couldn't possibly exist.

What the liberal idiot Marshall Brian overlooked as he wrote his next fallacy filled paragraph which is pretentious enough to brainwash college freshmen and other idiots into atheism, is that the existence of God has nothing to do with the promises of religion or prayer.

In deism or even general theism, God is simply the creator of the universe, the instigator behind The Big Bang and the designer of the laws of science that govern the universe. God isn't required to intervene in human affairs.

Marshall Brain's argument is simply an argument against prayer working. To say that "god is imaginary" because prayer doesn't work ignores observational science and laws. Mashall's argument ignores the sound Prime Mover argument which persists that every effect has a cause (a law of science), since the universe is in motion and came from a source, it was an effect that had a cause and the cause would have to be eternal as you cannot have an infinite regress (as an infinite line of objects creating other objects has no beginning and therefore no start) ergo the universe was the result of a timeless cause with no beginning.
This creator cause (which can be called God) likely has intelligence judging by the mathematical cosmology of the universe which can be studied by mathematics, the constant fine tuning that can be observed throughout the universe along with the laws of science themselves. The likelihood of these principles having formed by themselves from mindless nothingness is simply impossible and next to believing in magic.

Sadly, atheists like Marshall Brian continue to reject modern science and physics and still persist that "things can come from nothing" despite this never being observed, displayed, measured or proven. Also if matter and energy could truly originate from "pure nothingness" then that simply begs the question of "why can't a god?" In the atheist world-view, intelligence was the product of nothingness, in an infinite multiverse, why would it be impossible that some intelligence that developed in some place became something akin to a god that could traverse different realities and dimensions or perhaps one of the realities or universes that formed "from nothing" formed with a consciousness? Atheists who truly believe in "nothing from something" can't really deny these hypothesises since they persist that such complex things could form from nothing, therefore atheism really destroys itself with its own ridiculous beliefs.

Why won't God heal amputees? Simple, God isn't required to.
by The Logical Truth March 31, 2015
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