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An overused phrase in the MMORPG Oldschool Runescape during fights against the Wintertodt boss. Only newcomers and trolls use it.

Wintertodt is a group boss for which there is even a special server, world 309. At all times there are hundreds of players playing against Wintertodt. The boss is killed by feeding burning braziers with logs that can additionally be fletched for more reward points with the cost of decreased experience. Experience is commonly more valued, which leads inexperienced players into asking why so many fletch logs. The overused question is commonly parodised by asking: "Why fletch?"
Player 1: "How do I get enough points for a crate?"
Player 2: "Dood fletch"
Player 3: "Why fletch?"

Player B: "Joel on Skype"
Player C: "Why fletch?"
by Sukoforiko August 07, 2018
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