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A phrase said when one must do something that he/she does not want to do. Comes from the movie Jackass 3D, when Steve-O is introducing the stunt that he does not want to do, involving a Tee-Ball hitting him in the testicles.

One may use this when ones parental figure or boss tells them to do something they do not want to do, whilst not doing the task earns them a punishment such as not receiving a sum of money or something along those lines.
1. Steve-O: Hi, I'm Steve-O... Why do I have to be Steve-O? Hi, I'm Steve-O and this is Tee Ball! *Ryan Dunn hits him in the testicles with a Tee Ball*

2: Bob's boss: I need that inventory done by 10:00 or you will not get your paycheck!
Bob: Okay... Why do I have to be Steve-O?
by Timmis Edwards June 27, 2011
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