A fan of the popular TV series Doctor Who. Whovians tend to be more amazing, funny, and mysterious than people that don't watch Doctor Who. Without Whovians no one but doctors would wear bow ties. Now that would be very sad indeed.Whovians are people that know that time is not cause to effect but, Wibbley, Wobbely, Timey, Wimey stuff. Whovians are people that look up at the sky hoping to see a Police Public Call Box nic-named the TARDIS. These people make the world a better place.
Aren't Whovians awsome?
by mistwave666 January 30, 2015
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a fan of or one who fantasizes about the BBC television show "Doctor Who" you cannot be a whovian if you do not watch "Doctor Who"
I am a whovian.
Cassidy is a whovian.

We are all whovians.
by Clayre Bear February 06, 2015
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Fan base for the BBC 1 show "Doctor Who"
Consists of people who:
Like Fish Fingers dipped in Custard
Get scared when someone knocks four times
Have saved the world
Really really really want to be a companion
Sometimes cosplay
Have a favorite Doctor ( I personally like 11 )

Now honey if you want to become a Whovian I suggest you don't.
Steven Moffat is the writer and he hates us Whovians.
Person 1: Dude I watched Doctor Who last night!!
Me: Please don't turn into a Whovian.
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one of the types of fans of the long-running tv series Doctor Who. a Whovian is known to love all things Doctor Who related.
"I bought a ton of old Doctor Who episodes on dvd, I'm such a Whovian. Have you seen them?"
"No, I dont watch the old series, I'm a Dweek."
by limbosplaything September 27, 2012
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Whovians are an alien race that worship their god, The Doctor
They are friendly to most people, except for when they feel like their god is being threatened, then they set their pet Daleks on their enemies.

Their most devout worshippers of their god wear strange clothes and have a strange diet. They wear either a long scarf, bow ties, long coats, or 3D glasses. They also wave around a glowing stick called a sonic screwdriver.

Their diet consists of: Fish sticks and custard, and jelly babies.
They may seem insane and dangerous, but you will see that they are actually the most amazing people you will ever meet and they make the best friends
I am a whovian and proud, now take me to your leader! (I've always wanted to say that)
by Mad Man With a Box June 28, 2016
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It is the name of a fan of Doctor Who, specifically an old fan (Eighth Doctor and down).
I love the Tom Baker era... I'm such a Whovian. :D
by Sepik July 09, 2006
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